Antique Keys Wall Art Made Modern

teal keys wall hanging

Antique keys and an ornate frame are made modern and cheerful by some well-chosen acrylic paint colors. Amy made this for Mod Podge Rocks. The original wall art was ornate and gold, and a little bit stodgy.

antique key wall art beforeThe “before” wall art just didn’t really work.

Decor Hack: Acrylic Craft Paint is an Amazing Cheap Supply

Amy used Plaid FolkArt paint in several shades of turquoise to give the keys a graphic pop. Acrylic craft paint is an amazing supply. Why? Because:

  • it’s inexpensive, usually about $1-2 a bottle
  • it comes in a ton of colors
  • it quickly changes the personality of anything it touches

Like interior house paint, acrylic craft paint is often the cheapest way to make a dramatic impact on crafty DIY projects.