DIY Fabric Wall Decals

diy wall decals

These frame-like wall decals are made from your favorite fabric and use a very simple technique to make a cool graphic treatment for your walls. How About Orange posted the tutorial and said:

I was able to stick my stiffened fabric to the wall with an iron and remove it without harming my paint job. This is super for renters, indecisive decorators, or easily bored people.

Decor Hack: Use Liquid Fabric Starch to Temporarily Stick Fabric to Walls

This is great for:

  • college dorm rooms
  • rentals
  • if you’re not sure you want a big fabric mural on your wall
  • you’re indecisive
  • you just feel like doing a fun DIY project

Use this technique to create:

  • large murals
  • small graphics like the frame shown here
  • a wallpaper-like look

You can remove the fabric easily by pulling it off the wall, and wash the walls down with soap and water to remove any remaining starch.