Doily Lamp DIY

doily lamp

I actually picked up a bunch of dollar store doilies to make a round doily lamp, but before I got a chance to make the lamp, I stumbled across this DIY doily lamp over at Dos Family. So, since I haven’t gotten around to it yet, you should definitely go check out the instructions to make this romantic lamp. I love the handmade look, but you probably want to pick up some doilies somewhere else since they take forEVER to make by hand.

My suggestions for doily sources: the dollar store (the crappiest option, but they always have them), or Michael’s (there are colored doilies in the dollar bins right now), thrift stores (sketchy availability — you’ll probably have to shop for doilies for a few weeks), estate or garage sales (again, sketchy availability), or if you’re lucky enough to live near a craft thrift store like I am (Knittn Kitten in Portland), you’ll probably be able to find them. Or, you can pick up a crocheted tablecloth and cut out motifs to use.

Project Materials:

  • punch balloon (dollar store has them 2 for $1)
  • doilies
  • fabric stiffener
  • lamp kit (IKEA has them for $4)