DIY Door Coffee Table

diy door coffee table

I’m not too confident with power tools, but this project almost seems like something I could do! Turn an old door into a cool coffee table with an architectural feel. The instructions call for mitering the cuts on the door, but do you think you could do it with straight cuts? Just asking–I don’t have a miter saw… yet! Either way, it is a fantastic table. Project showed up on the Nate Berkus show (I also LOVE the old door headboard) and I saw this specific DIY coffee table project on Shelterness.

If you don’t have an old solid-wood door on hand, you can pick one up at a building reclamation center (like Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store). I imagine old doors periodically show up at garage sales and other thrifty-type situations too, but you’ll have to keep your eye out.

Decor Hack: Use an old door for a new purpose!