DIY Faux Stained Glass Privacy Windows

diy stained glass

Need to instill some privacy in certain windows, but want to retain a little bit of peeking space? Do you like the look of stained glass windows? Do you want to be able to change your mind about liking the look of stained glass windows? If so, then Madigan Made’s tutorial for DIY faux stained glass privacy windows is for you. I like the geometric simplicity of this stained glass design (it reminds me of the Arts & Crafts style, which is one of my favorite home styles).

Decor Hack: Don’t be afraid to change windows dramatically. Especially if the change is reversible!

Project Materials:

  • stained glass paint
  • “lead” strips
  • liquid “leading”

You can get all these supplies at the craft store. These paints and lead strips are removable so if you change your mind or need to revert the windows when you put your home up for sale.

DIY Stained Glass Foyer by Madigan Made