Free Paint Starter Kit

valspar paint colors
Valspar Paint is doing a promotion right now where they give away 1000 paint samples and paint kits a day. They’ve partnered with TV designer Genevieve Gorder, who has selected a spring palette, but any of their colors are available in the promotion.

We have partnered with Genevieve Gorder to create her Spring palette, which will be offered for free samples on the Valspar Paint Facebook page.


Encouraging people to bring color into their lives and homes in 2011, Gorder has chosen eight Valspr paint colors to brighten up any room in the home.  Valspar will be giving away 1,000 FREE paint project starter kits every day until mid-April. Each kit includes an 8-ounce paint sample, mini roller, paint tray and coordinating paint chips. Also included is a $5-off coupon for a Valspar purchase at Lowe’s stores nationwide.


Consumers just need to visit and click “Like” to receive their FREE postage-paid paint project starter kit.  Choose from Genevieve Gorder’s palette or any of the 3,000 Valspar paint colors!

free valspar kit

I got my free paint kit a couple weeks ago. I chose the color “Tantalizing Teal.” There was kind of a rush to be one of the 1000 a day when they started the promotion, so I just quickly clicked on a the brightest turquoise I could find in ten seconds.

Like they said in the announcement, the kit includes a mini paint roller, a paint tray, and a set of coordinating paint chips. The paint chips came in a sealed envelope. I felt like I was getting spy orders!

I’m definitely impressed with this Valspar promotion. I haven’t opened the paint jar to see the paint color in liquid form, but getting a nice kit like that for free is a smart way to spend your advertising and promotional dollars. There’s 8 oz of paint — what do you think I could paint with that much? A door? I’m sure it’s just meant to use to paint a swatch on the wall, but I’m so cheap I’m looking for ways to use it for a full project!

valspar paint chips

Here are my secret paint chip spy orders. The top center chip is the color I chose. Valspar’s spy headquarters chose some other green tones to go with the teal. I wasn’t expecting to see all analogous colors when I opened up the envelope, but an entirely green palette is somewhat intriguing.

So, to get your free kit, just go “Like” Valspar’s Facebook page, and there’s a tab on the top of the page that says “Power in Color.” Click on the link there to go to the place where you can choose any color in the collection.

Oh, and if you want to see the colors Genevieve Gorder chose, they’re on the Valspar wall, but I took a screenshot for you so you can see her picks:

genevieve gorder palette valspar

At first glance, I’m kind of bored with the palette. It reminds me of an eyeshadow tray I would pass on. However, once I eliminate the pinkish colors, I’m left with mustard, two grays, and a golden brown, and I kind of like those.

What do you think of her choices? Would you use any of these picks? If so, how would you use them?

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