Houndstooth Decor Mar26


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Houndstooth Decor

Do you like Houndstooth? Check yes or no. I am a huge fan of graphic patterns, and houndstooth is such an interesting one. I found some fabulous examples of houndstooth to incorporate into your decor. So where’s the houndstooth in your house?


Houndstooth Upholstered Chair Before & After by Honey + Fitz (amazing transformation!)

houndstooth rug

Love this custom Jonathan Adler houndstooth rug
If you’re afraid of the bold pattern-power of houndstooth, soften it with a less-contrasty color palette like this honey & cream
(Apartment Therapy)

houndstooth jackalope

Houndstooth Jackalope Silhouette Embroidery by flamgirlant (check out her brilliant etsy shop)

houndstooth screen by courtney skott

Houndstooth Screen by Courtney Skott

I love how it appears to be floating. So interesting! With houndstooth that size, it takes on an 8-bit graphic computery feel which I am digging.