Pouf from Thrifted Blanket

thrift store blanket pouf

Last year, I made my own pouf out of a woven throw rug, but I like this decor hack much better! Use a thrifted knitted blanket and turn it into a pouf. To me, this project has double impact. First, you get to rescue one of those sad handmade blankets from the thrift store and make it happy again. Second, you get the look of a custom, handmade room accent without having to do all the handmade work. It’s a fabulous hack!

Decor Hack: Get a handmade, custom look without working from scratch by shopping for raw materials (like handmade afghans) at the thrift store

My very favorite aisle at my local Goodwill is the section at the back of the store where they hang all the bed linens and blankets. Not only can you find full bedding sets for cheap, you can also find all kinds of throws, blankets and afghans. Every time I visit my thrift store, I see at least three afghans I want to buy! I know how much work goes into knitted and crocheted blankets (and granny squares!), and it’s crazy that you can pick a blanket up for $5 that took someone an entire 40 hour week to crochet.

Even if you CAN crochet or knit, your time might be better spent just shopping the blanket aisle of your local thrift store.

You can use afghans or blankets as they are, or cut them up to use in DIY projects, like Laura from STYLE-FOR-STYLE did for this project.