Sequin Stool Hack

sequin stool
This is a decor hack any fashionista would be proud of! One of my favorite funny/smart/awesome bloggers, Snarky’s Machine, made these sequin seat-covers for her IKEA Marius stools in about ten seconds. Well, making them took ten seconds. Deciding to act on what might be an insane idea that could plunge her into the seventh circle of craftfail took her just a wee bit longer. She slept on it, and then she did it. And behold, her idea is awesome.

The hack? Use a sequined beret as a seatcover!

Says Snarky:

Instant gratification doesn’t even begin to explain how happy it made me feel popping those beanies onto the tops of the stools! It required no measurements, adhesives or advanced skills. More importantly, I think they look totally cute. As for comfort, they are surprisingly comfortable, stay securely attached to the stool tops and do not adversely affect the performance of the stool. Best part is the whole thing is reversible for that moment in time when I decide it was bonks to put hats on stool tops!

Bedazzled Marius Stools at Snarky’s Machine