Skull Chairs Roundup

skull garden chair

I have a confession to make. My taste level is, shall we say, questionable. I tend to gravitate toward the same things that junior high girls do: pirates, argyle, stripes. Thank goodness there’s a way to disguise my love for these things and call it style. I stumbled across this skull patio chair (Pool’s Remember That You Will Die from an upcoming exhibition in Milan), and as I was looking for it, I found some other skull-inspired chairs so I thought I’d share. [via curatedmag]

While I do like the skull motif (in certain applications), I’m not about to decorate my house in Sailor Jerry style (or worse, Ed Hardy). I like some of these skulls-meet-traditional chairs. Others, I’m not so wild about. What’s your opinion of skull furniture? Could you find a way to use this motif in your decor?

geoffrey bradfield alexander mcqueen skull chairs

Louis in extremis chairs by Geoffrey Bradfield for Kyle Bunting (inspired by Alexander McQueen) [designmilk]

noah scalin skull chair

Skull chair (cut with a scroll saw) by Noah Scalin from Skull A Day

phillip barlow skull fabric chair

Bradley-Hughes chair with Phillip Barlow skull fabric upholstery

nest skull harp chairSkull harp chairs by Nest ($1500)

sultan wingback skull chairs

Skull print wingback chairs by Sultanchic