Stickers Turned Wallpaper

sticker wallpaper

I can’t imagine the amount of work it took to transform thousands of fun stickers into this traditional-looking wallpaper motif, but it’s incredible! I spotted this via the red thread and I can’t say it better than Lisa said it, so I’ll just quote:

How super cool is this: wallpaper made from thousands of hand-applied stickers. I love that the overall effect is of traditional wallpaper, but up close it’s anything but traditional. The installation is by Brian Kaspr and Payton Turner and is called The Salon at Sundown.

I love the whimsical stickers bent to such traditional shapes. NOW I know what I should do with that sticker collection I’ve been holding onto since 1985!

sticker wallpaper room

While I probably wouldn’t be able to do this treatment to an entire room (it would take for-EVER, plus we rent, plus my 3 year-old LOVES to pick things off of other things), I might consider doing a single motif as a piece of art, or maybe several motifs on a large piece of painted plywood, just to reinforce the idea that it’s a repeating (yet varied) pattern.

Sticker Wallpaper at the red thread
paytonturner – Salon at Sundown

[via The Owl and the Phoenix]