Tall Rectangular Lamps

tall rectangular lamps

I am digging the impact of these tall rectangular Builtby lamps I found at Inhabit. I love the tall, skinny profile, the streamlined look, and the play between the wood and colored blocks. In keeping with my junior high girl tastes, I love the collegiate stripes (they even have a model called Tube Sock! Be still my sophomoric design style!). And if you need a change, you can completely reconfigure the blocks in a different order. Inhabit has dozens of versions of this lampĀ  in many different colors and wood finishes, and they retail starting at $170.

Chump Change in Green & Blue Table Lamp
Price: $172.00

Even Steven in Green & Wenge Table Lamp
Price: $218.00

Mack Daddy in Blue & Wenge Table Lamp
Price: $232.00