Testing Paint on Poster Board

faux bois test board

Interested in faux painting techniques, but unsure about your ability to carry out the finish? Test your skills and practice your technique on a practice board made of poster board. Over at Honey + Fitz, Dina tried out a faux bois painting technique and learned several things just in the process of covering a 2×3′ piece of paper in paint.

Decor Hack Fact: Just by Trying, You Will Learn More in 5 Minutes Than You Would in a Month of Research

Okay, it’s not really a hack. More of a principle of life that applies very well to any creative pursuits. If you try something, you will learn more in minutes than you will simply by reading about it.

Decor Hack: Test and Perfect Your Techniques on a Small Scale Before Trying Them on the Final Item

A small poster board is cheap, non-intimidating, and approachable. If you have never tried a technique before, it makes perfect sense to see how it works on a disposable surface. Remember, with paint techniques, poster board is likely to warp, so if you need it to stay flat and matte, try a piece of scrap lumber instead.

Trying Out Faux Bois at Honey + Fitz