Zebra Table Before & After

zebra table before and after

Before we started this site, zebra wasn’t on my radar. After we started it, I noticed I had a penchant for posting zebra projects. A fabulous zebra chest we featured last week elicited a comment from Lucy at Lucy Designs Online, who told us about her zebra remake. And the short, happy end to the story is that Lucy’s remake is awesome, so you get to see it!

She took an old vanity which was rather odd when she found it, and noticed the interesting shape of the table top and legs. After ix-naying the vanity mirror (and that weird box it’s standing on), she refinished the table with a faux zebra paint finish.

faux paint zebra technique

Please check out the fab brushy/hair detail on this zebra faux finish. Very nice, very nice indeed! Also, scroll back up and check out the faux zebra pattern on the balls of the table legs. I love that little detail!

Thanks for sharing your great furniture redo, Lucy. Everyone else, send your projects to us, zebra or no!

Faux Zebra Table Before and After by Lucy Designs Online