Bland Bathroom, Frugal Facelift

Sue from No Bad Days made a resolution to freshen up each room in her house this year.  While her bathroom was better than it looked when she first moved in, she and her hubby never got any farther than ripping down the hideous wallpaper and replacing it with a coat of crisp, white paint.  The room completely lacked any color, and the most noticeable detail in the entire space was the stripey shower door that just screamed “hello from 1992.”

One day she found herself wandering around Costco with a spare hour to kill and an extra $50 in her pocket.  She walked away with a shower curtain, a matching bath rug, an Indian-inspired picture frame, and (perhaps most importantly) a new color scheme for her tired ol’ WC.  Combining these items with a few other details, including a candle, a bud vase, and a couple of other inexpensive decorative touches, she pulled off a whole new look packed with personality for under $100.  Small spend, huge difference!

Bathroom Makeover at No Bad Days