Modern Beetles: The Art of Christopher Marley

beetle starburst insect art

I’m calling it: entomology is the new taxidermy. I’m not about to display a huge animal head in my home. They are so much creepier in real life than they are in magazine spreads! I might consider an artfully arranged grouping of colorful beetles, though. These stunning pieces are by artist Christopher Marley. In his Pheromone collection, Marley displays insects in starburst shapes, circular patterns, like mosaic tiles, and even in simple but stunning groupings of three or four.

beetle art

Another point for the kids! I stumbled across this amazing modern art made from exotic beetles in my son’s preschool classroom. The teacher had opened an old Audubon magazine to a page with these gorgeous colorful images, so I rushed home to find out more about the artist. Marley is a Salem, Oregon-based artist (which is so weird because that’s where I live, yet I chanced upon his art in a national magazine). His art is sold online at various venues, and he also has a gallery in Salem. I promise you I will be visiting the gallery and reporting back with my findings.

beetle mosaic framed

I can’t decide which formation I like the most. I love the mosaics (like this rectangular one), but I really like the simpler compositions, too. This Walking Leaf Cycle amazes me:

You seriously need to check his site out. There are so many gorgeous images.

Pheremone by Christopher Marley