Patchwork-Upholstered Furniture

I’m a fan of furniture that has big personality.  Exhibit A:  The quirky-yet-sophisticated patchwork furniture collections by UK-based Squint Limited.  I’m especially fond of this model, which starts at (gulp) about $10,400 and goes up based on fabric selections.  However if you (or your grandma, or the lady down the street) can muster up some basic upholstery skills, you can find a fixer-upper piece of furniture with nice lines at your favorite thrift shop, and you have a nice stash of fabric remnants, you can pull off a DIY redo for around $30.  (Heck, with the retail version costing 367 times more, it’s a good excuse to give upholstering a whirl; at the refurbish-it-yourself price, you don’t really have much to lose if you mess up!)  The look would also work done up as a slipcover!

Patchwork Furniture by Squint Limited