DIY Window Headboard

Oh West Elm, why must you tease me so?  Every time their catalog finds its way into my mailbox I find myself dreaming and drooling and ultimately feeling mildly disappointed that the interiors I’ve taken such a liking to have price tags that, combined, are worth more than my car, my computer, and most of my other high-ticket possessions.  For example, their Windows headboard costs as much as $299.00 (depending on size), plus an additional $60 to cover shipping.

This headboard, however, isn’t from West Elm despite being a dead ringer.  Michelle and Nate, the  husband-and-wife DIY duo behind Decor and the Dog, made their own for about $57.  That’s right, less than the cost of shipping if they’d gone the commercial route.   Head over to their blog for a complete cost breakdown and how to!