DIY Suitcase Chair

suitcase chair

This chair is actually made from a vintage suitcase and it is actually comfortable to sit on. I was completely in awe when I stumbled across this DIY project by See Kate Sew. And the best part? Kate’s instructions actually make it look easy.

The more time you spend surfing for inspiration in blogland, the harder it is to have your mind blown. This is a sad fact, yet so true. Once in awhile you stumble upon an idea that is destined for greatness, and you must share it with the world. This suitcase chair is one of those projects. Such a brilliant idea, so well executed. I fully expect to see these suitcase chairs popping up all over blogland for years. Very well done, Kate!

Decor Hack: When you can’t find a seat you like – make your own (out of a suitcase!)

Vintage Suitcase Chair by See Kate Sew (via TTJ)