Garden Goddess Makeover

garden goddess

I am enamored by the idea of making faux stone doohickeys for your garden right now. I really admire the ingenuity of Lucy from Lucy Designs, who took a handmade bust sculpture and transformed it with air-dry clay, glued-on seashells, spray paint, and dry-brushing. Granted, this look isn’t for everyone, but it’s a great fit for Lucy’s Florida home. She doesn’t recommend her process for a statue intended for the outdoors, but you could use Liquid Nails (instead of hot glue) to extend the sturdiness of the adhesive.

If seashells aren’t your thing, try other texturizing glue-ons like glass marbles or mosaics.

Decor Hack: Create your own garden statues with glue, embellishments, and clever paint techniques

Geek to Goddess Makeover by Lucy Designs