Paint Primer Hack

kilz primer

We have really been enjoying Natty by Design lately. Her painted furniture makeovers are fabulous! She shared her secret primer trick the other day: using Kilz spray primer instead of traditional paint-on primers. She says:

This spray primer can be sanded within 30 minutes of applying and then quickly painted over.  If I roll on the other non-aerosol type, I have to wait until the next day to sand and paint.  [The non-aerosol primer] dries to the touch within 30 minutes, but clumps like crazy if you try to sand it within 12 hours.  If any of you have applied oil-based primer, you also know that it’s difficult to work with and requires quite a bit of elbow grease to sand smooth.  Not my spray Kilz – it sprays smooth and only needs a light sand with a 220 grit paper.

Decor Hack: Use Kilz Spray-on primer as a time and labor saving tool to prep furniture you are going to paint.

According to Natalie, spray-on primer isn’t always the right tool for the job, though. Because it’s more expensive, she saves it for specific jobs. I found it at The Paint Store for $4.45 a can (if you buy a full box of 6).

Kilz Original Primer/Sealer 13oz Spray – (Box of 6) Save by the box: $4.45 ea
Price: $26.69
Kilz Original Primer/Sealer

Paint Primer Tips at Natty by Design