Sputnik Lamp IKEA Hack

The Sputnik lamp is a staple of 1960s space-age design, hailing from an era where Eames furniture and Googie architecture captured the imagination of the world.  What was once futuristic has now become retro, but nostalgia comes at a cost.  Search for Sputnik lamps on eBay and you’ll find that you can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the pursuit of your own vintage fixture.  If you don’t have that kind of cash to drop on a 50-year-old chandy, Jenny from Pearl Street Interiors came up with a much more affordable alternative.  She turned a $50 IKEA Maskros lamp into a piece that Jane Jetson would surely covet!  And since the lamp, like most IKEA products, comes disassembled, the transformation really isn’t as complicated as one might expect, adding just a few extra steps.

Sputnik Lamp IKEA Hack by Pearl Street Interiors