Book Cover Headboard

book headboard

Bibliophiles, now there’s a way to enjoy books even more than simply reading them. Turn them into a headboard and proclaim your love of books to uh, your bedroom. If you are concerned about harming books for this project, don’t worry, there are many unloved books in the world that would love to get a second chance to be loved. Check your local Goodwill outlet (you know, “the bins” where stuff is sold by the pound) and you’ll see what I mean. If you can’t find nice color-blocked covers like these ones among the unloved books, break out your spray paint and give ’em some love.

You can use the interior book pages to make a book page headboard, or a ruffly wreath, or book page shoes, maybe some gift wrap, or a cool necklace, a ruffled table runner, punched paper flowers or plasticized book page “fabric.”