DIY Stairway Carpet Runner

I have a love/hate relationship with the stairs in my house.  I love that I have an open stairwell, but the stairs themselves are just so… blah.  Do you know the feeling?  If you’re looking for a way to dress up those boring steps, check out this project by Casey at Left & Cottage.  She used eight throw rugs from IKEA and some upholstery tacks to create an entirely new look for a lot less than the cost of professional carpet installation.  Your cost will vary, of course, depending on the length of your staircase and the dimensions and price of the rugs you choose; Casey’s stairway makeover came in at around $235, a majority of which went toward the rugs.  Head over to her blog for a complete cost breakdown and tutorial!

DIY Stairway Carpet Runner by Loft & Cottage