Hat Storage Ideas

hat collection

I’ve recently been trying to make lots more storage space in my bedroom. The problem I’ve run up against is hats. I have a lot of hats, of all shapes and sizes, from huge oversized top hats to berets that fold up flat and can be packed away easily. Obviously I have hat boxes, but even with three or four trilbies to a box, that’s a lot of boxes. Any ideas on clever hat storage solutions? Many thanks, Jenny

Dear Jenny,

Since you have so many hats, you clearly love them, and they are a part of your personal style. I would incorporate your hats into your decor as much as possible so you can get maximum enjoyment out of them, even when you aren’t able to wear them (since you can only wear one at a time!)

You definitely want to display the hats if you can. If you can’t make display space for ALL the hats at once, maybe cycle through the hats and put different hats on display every week or month.

I’m a fan of the haphazard display above, found at La Femme, but I found some other hat display and organization options as well.

hat storage idea

Overhead Hat Storage Idea: This is a hat rack that looks like it’s made of an old umbrella hung upside-down from the ceiling. [photo by Sarah Rae Trover at Apartment Therapy]

hat storage idea

Wall Hat Storage Idea: Another hat storage option that doesn’t take much extra space or any special tools, is to simply hammer long nails into your walls to hang the hats on. Instant display! [Photo: Amanda Johnson at Apartment Therapy]

hanging hats

Dangling Hats: I love these hanging hats, but I’m not sure how to do it without harming the hats. It might be possible to use a safety pin and string on some of your hats without harming them. Anyone have any ideas for how to do this? [found here]

coat rack

If you aren’t able to punch holes in the walls with nails, how about a free-standing coat tree like this one found at Ana White. She provides free plans to build it. [coat rack plans]

I hope that provides some inspiration, Jenny! Thanks for the note!

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