Rainbow Stripe Floor

kate spade colorful floor

This awesome colorful stripey floor was spotted at a Kate Spade store and snapped by Rebecca June. This view of the floor looks like tape to me, so with ten seconds and the Google search “vinyl floor tape” I determined that there is, indeed, such a thing as vinyl floor tape, and it comes in more colors than I would have guessed. It’s used for demarcations on warehouse flooring and gymnasium floors, and it isn’t even that expensive. It might be hard to find tape in Kate Spade’s primo palette, though!

vinyl tape

My favorite vinyl tape colors (and selection) was found at The 5s Store.

  • 1/4-inch tape comes in a bunch of colors and is only $2 per roll
  • 1-inch tape is about $3.25 a roll
  • 2-inch and 3-inch tape also available for a bit more money and in fewer colors

Please, someone out there buy this tape and make an awesome floor design with it!

Rainbow Stripe Floor at Rebecca June via Pinterest