Angel Wings Decor Roundup

angel wing wardrobe

Angel wings have been around as a motif since, oh, the reign of Constantine in the 4th century. People have been decorating with angel wings forever, but it wasn’t until I saw a picture of this rustic armoire that I started feelin’ the angel wing love. Yeah, wings have been around the design blog circuit for several years, but with this year’s feather hotness, maybe angel wings will get another chance to shine.

This is the image that gave birth to this angel wings decor roundup – I looove Pinterest, but I HATE it when I find unattributed images! After several minutes of googling (and using my black-belt googling techniques to finally figure out the right word combination), I finally tracked down the original image at Belle Maison. Julie took a picture of this at the 2010 Las Vegas Market. [angel wing armoire at Belle Maison]

carved angel wings

These wings were handmade by Let It Shine. She never said how she made them, but they are mighty impressive. [carved angel wings]

angel wing chair

Angel wings added onto chairs seems to be a popular choice. Nienie had these chairs last Christmas (she doesn’t say how she made them). If you want to do it this year, I suggest picking up some angel wings at Halloween time and saving them. [Nienie’s angel chairs]

angel wing chair

Inspire Bohemia shared this image of be-winged chairs that originally appeared in Country Living. [Inspire Bohemia]

Angel Chair

Matthew Mccoy created this angel wing chair with papier-mache wings. He detailed his process for building the wings at Ultimate Paper Mache. [paper mache wing chair]

angel wing chair

This chair by Vadim Kibardin is made of a metal frame and leather upholstery with plastic wings that are removable and washable. [angel wing chair] [via]

angel wing mirror

Angel wing venetian mirrors by Graham and Green. [angel wing mirrors]

angel wing headboard

I like the idea of an angel wing headboard. You can get this vinyl to create your own headboard by 3rd Ave Shore on Etsy. [angel wing headboard vinyl]

angel wing garden bench

I for one would love to live in Rivendell. Since that’s not gonna happen anytime soon, this angel wing bench from Bed, Bath, and Beyond could do the trick to make my garden feel more elven. [angel wing garden bench]

angel wing platter

[angel wing platter by viva terra]

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