Mod Furniture Helping Kids

midcentury modern sideboard

This stunning piece of furniture appeared on our FB page, and I quickly learned that it is a product of a program called Out of the Dark. This program takes place in Buckinghamshire, UK, and is part of Steet Dreams, a charity that helps give underprivileged kids a support structure and building blocks toward living positive and productive lives. Out of the Dark recycles, repurposes and revamps salvaged furniture as a means to educate, train and employ young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. [Buy this piece at Etsy]

painting furniture

So, the program is amazing, and they make awesome furniture! I would love to own one of these special pieces! Unfortunately, living in the U.S. isn’t going to get me closer to my dream (right now). But hopefully sharing about Out of the Dark will inspire someone who is closer to get involved!

repainted buffet

I love the signature techniques of choosing modern, bright colors and leaving some of the original wood exposed. It really brings the pieces into the 21st century while still retaining their original beautiful design.

dressing tableIf big and bright isn’t your style, the subtle addition of color on this dressing table is really well done. Buy it at Etsy.

desk redo

Buy this 1960s Retro G-Plan Dressing Table

colorful drawers

Multi-colored drawers help this Victorian solid oak dresser shine. Buy it at Etsy.

60s dresser

Subtle detail: multi-colored interiors of drawers on this 1960s G-plan dressing table. Buy it at Etsy.

yellow buffet

This buffet has such a dreamy yellow paint choice!