Wooden Clothes Hanger Towel Racks

I often find myself ogling pictures of bathrooms, especially ones with creative storage solutions.  I think it’s because the one in my house is so tiny that it forces innovation in order to be functional, especially as the only bathroom in a busy household.  These coat-hangers-turned-towel-racks by Ki at Junk Camp now have me on the lookout for some vintage wooden hangers of my own!  I love the styling, especially since most of the fancy towel racks I take a liking to are completely impractical for my cramped space.  These, on the other hand, take up relatively little space while offering a both a bar and a hook.  You could also get funky and hang these in your kitchen, using the hooks as a place to put pot holders or oven mitts.  (Her blog post also includes photos of a wonderful table made from Reader’s Digest condensed books, a definite must-see!)