Headboard and Footboard Become a Bench

It drives me nuts when people throw away perfectly good furniture, especially stuff that’s made from real wood.  I mean, do these folks realize how much lumber costs?  It drives my husband equally nuts that I’m constantly dragging home curbside finds or snagging thrift shop bargains to refinish or to rip apart for raw materials.  I’ve spent a lot of time surfing junk piles for treasures, and let me tell you, old headboards and footboards get tossed out all the time!

Headboard, pre-benchifying.

When Kristi from Addicted 2 Decorating came across a wooden headboard and footboard set for $5 at an estate sale, she knew it had great potential.  A bit of sawing, screwing, and scheming later, she transformed the old bed into a stunning new bench.  I love how the details that are pretty basic on a headboard set look intricate when translated to seating!  Here we’ve shown it without the addition of cushions; check out her blog to see how her finishing touch of tufted upholstery gives it a rich, elegant feel.  (Did you see our post about tufting the other day?)

Headboard and Footboard Bench by Addicted 2 Decorating