Woven Rope Pendant Lamp

A while back, I accompanied my father on one of his epic trips to the home improvement store.  (He complains if my mom spends an hour picking out a dress, but easily spends half a day looking at lumber!)  To entertain myself while he was gathering his list of bits and pieces, I wandered through the lighting aisles, daydreaming about which fixtures would look best hanging in each room of the dream home I will someday build.  …And then I started looking at price tags. *Insert gasp here.*  Yeah, lighting is expensive!  Luckily for people like us, we’re decor hackers, and we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and go the DIY route!

So, ever since then, I’ve been entirely obsessed with lamp tutorials, especially ones using inexpensive materials to achieve a high-end look.  That’s a perfect description of this pendant light shared by Ashley Ann at Design*Sponge.  Would you guess that the base for this fixture is a wire planter basket?  (Those of you who follow Dollar Store Crafts know that you can pick up one of those for cheap!)  She assembled this fixture for under $30, a far cry less than the cost of an off-the-shelf model!

Woven Rope Pendant Lamp at Design*Sponge