Phonetic Alphabet Art

phonetic alphabet art

I’ve been having fun with spray paint and stencils! I used the Phonetic alphabet as inspiration — I am fascinated by it (this is what people communicating over radio — military usually — use when they are saying letters or spelling something. It cuts down on miscommunication), but I always forget most of the words that are supposed to stand in for letters . I figured I would learn the words if I put them on my wall, and this art piece was born.

I created my own word stencils using my Silhouette craft cutter and some self-stick vinyl. I purposely kept the look of the piece messy: I allowed overspray, omitted some of the inside letter holes, and cut off some of the words. One thing I love about making my own art: I can just let go and have fun making it.

Although the phonetic alphabet has military overtones, I kept it light by choosing bright yellow and light blue. To me it has more of a Santa Cruz surf-skate vibe. I like that it’s a twist on a traditional alphabet without being too obvious. Great for my boys’ room! I used two colors of regular spray paint, as well as a can of Krylon Glitter Blast in Sparkling Waters. Seriously, the sparkly Krylon is my new best friend. It makes glitterizing things SO easy.

Since the stencils were made of reusable vinyl, I made a second piece. I sprayed the second canvas yellow before I started, which gives it a different look. I like them better as a diptych:

phonetic alphabet art diptych

The project was pretty simple, but peeling all the stencils apart took a couple hours. You could get a similar look by just buying pre-made vinyl lettering.

disclosure: Krylon gave me the Glitter Blast paint, but this post has nothing to do with it! Opinions and project my own and uncompensated.