Satellite Dish Gazebo

I live in a rural area, where the landscape was once dotted by huge old satellite dishes.  Nowadays, the dinosaur dishes are a relic of days gone by, and many of them have been uprooted or abandoned.  I still see quite a few of them when I drive through the back roads, many of them tucked behind sheds or under trees, forgotten and left for dead.  The other day I saw one being hauled toward the dump in the back of a truck, and I thought to myself, “there has to be something to do with those things besides throw them out!”

I came home and did a quick Google search, which led me to a couple of different ideas.  The first project I looked at was a satellite dish chicken coop, which is an awesome idea, but not something I really need.  A little more surfing led to many different variations on the satellite dish gazebo.  The one pictured here was constructed by artist Marcus Ranum.  He bought a house with a yard full of junk, including a hulking metal dish.  He planted climbing roses around it after building it in 2005; I bet it looks incredible today!

Satellite Dish Gazebo by Marcus Ranum