DIY Linear Crystal Chandelier

One of my favorite design tricks is finding ways to mix classic and contemporary elements.  If you can find a way to blend multiple looks in the same piece, it makes it easy to tie in other eclectic pieces.  (Not a single piece of furniture in my   house matches, an that’s the way I like it!)  Wanting to add a touch of traditional to her modern dining room, Jackie from Teal and Lime found inspiration in the Cellula Chandelier, but knew she could get the same effect for far less than $2,730.   Starting with a $60 Tidig light from IKEA, she collected a bunch of different chandelier crystals and arranged them along the fixture.  Jackie found hers on Etsy; they are also a common sight at antique shops, or look for old, thrifted chandeliers that you can strip of their bling.  When it was all said and done, her hacked fixture came in at around $170 total.  Cha-ching!