Glitter Candles and Holiday Candies Get the Party Started!

I am not, generally, a paper crafts kinda guy.  I admire and appreciate all the amazing work people do with scrapbooking and letterpress and invites and such, but it’s just not in my bag of tricks. So when I was contacted by the good folks at ILovetoCreate to try out their Aleene’s Dry Adhesives products I decided to give it a shot as a creativity challenge.

The box arrived full of a terrific array of adhesives. I mean look at all this – it’s amazing!

 And my first thought was “I have no idea what to do.”  So much for my willingness to be challenged.

However, each year I have a big holiday party and the date is looming so it’s time to get serious about decorations and such and I wondered if I could use the adhesives in kind of “out of the box” ways.

It’s a dessert party and I thought some labels on the glass containers would be festive so I tried out the tacky sticker sheets.  Wow!  Couldn’t have been easier! 

I quickly designed a label and printed it out on some lightweight cardstock.

After cutting the label out I stuck them on the sheet as directed.

 and peeled away.

 Perfect!  And it adhered beautifully to the glass.

Ok, now the game was on.  My mind started going a little berserk at the possibilities.

I had some sort of dull, silver candles from IKEA. Would the look good with glittered lines up the sides?  I can’t draw a straight line to save my life and using a glue gun would be out of the question (I tend to burn myself).  Would the Aleene’s product stick to a candle?  I had to see.

So I grabbed the tacky line roll, some glitter and small brush and tried a little experiment.

The roll comes in two strips so I separated the two strips, trimmed them to length and pressed them onto the candle – using the edges of the adhesive backing as my guide to make them evenly spaced.

With the backing still on I rubbed gently to get a good bond and then pulled away the backing.  I poured some glitter over the strips of glue . . .

and then pressed it lightly into them with my fingers.  After that I brushed away the excess with my fingers and some of the little remaining bits with my brush.  Easy!  Nicely spaced lines, straight up and down, no glue drips or burns and a very festive looking candle I thought.

There was no stopping me now!  More candles?  Awesome!  How about using the tacky double-stick sheets to apply some vintage sheet music to an LED candle?  Worked like a charm.

The party is this Friday and now my mind is spinning with ideas of other things I can make!  I even used the large tacky dot roll in my workshop to hold two pieces of wood together.


With the two pieces firmly together I could use my scroll saw to cut out two script Noel Ornaments at the same time:

And the glue dots just peeled right off when I was done.

OK, so I’ve got the decoration covered.  Now it’s time to make cookies.

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