Poodle Pup Keepsake Box

poodle keepsake box
I have been collecting Jonathan Adler Pottery for over a decade and a half. His stuff is so awesome, but it’s pricey. I made this Poodle Pup Keepsake Box inspired by his Menagerie Collection designs, and I hope you enjoy. You too can get his look for less! Here’s how I did it.

I made this with a $2.99 large retro Poodle Pup figurine and a $1.00 hardwood keepsake box! The only other supplies you’ll need are white and black flat spray paint.

I cleaned up the figurine with warm soapy water and let dry. Then I lightly sanded the box.

Next, I set the piece out in a well ventilated area (my backyard), and sprayed the Poodle Pup with flat White and flat Black for the box/base.

Tip: When spray painting, let the object cure overnight.

It’s exciting to see the results . . .

Now that both pieces are dry to the touch, I can assemble. I used industrial glue E6000, a few dabs on the bottom and then placed on the center of the keepsake box.


I also let this dry overnight. Wow, am I impressed with the results! I love the way this came out and it cost me less than $15.00 for this project. Ready to decorate! Looks great on my shelf and also on my bar.I will definitely make more of these. Super FUN!