Choosing Interior Design Colors with My Colortopia

This blog is all about DIY decorating, focusing on mid-century modern design. One thing that is tricky about that time period is selecting color – there were a lot of mustards, burnt oranges and pea greens. You want to make sure that your home looks fresh and has a modern day twist, rather than looking like a shag-rug tomb that hasn’t been cracked open since the 70s. Here’s something that might help.

Glidden Paint has developed a new community called My Colortopia so that you can select colors with confidence. If you are overwhelmed by interior design decisions, head there immediately to get guidance, advice and inspiration. My Colortopia is going to help you select your paint colors and tools as well as get your painting questions answered. It also builds confidence during the painting process. The fancy color tool is what helps you select the paint colors.

The cool part is that you can use your own image! ]I like to use my own inspiration to pick color palettes.

I uploaded an image of brightly colored modern wall art that I like (courtesy of Atomic Indy). Pick a section of the photo and it will give you some colors from the image. Those colors look perfectly mid-century modern.

You’ll click on one of the colors in the middle, and it will give you a palette on the right. I picture a room with that middle color (Clay Bisque) on the walls, with orange (Fresh Tangerines) and brown (Black Mahogany) accents. I love it!!

There’s yet another tool for you – the My Life, My Colors widget. You can use this tool to select interior decorating colors based on your personality and style. Go ahead and take the quiz below. What is your color personality? Are you bright – or a little more subtle?

I hope this helps you make more informed and personalized color decisions for your home. Once you get your home colors appropriate, then you can coordinate your DIY decor project colors as well. Enjoy!