Recycled T-shirt Rug

In my early crafting days, my parents would buy me crafty kits, the kind that come with everything you need to make a specific finished product.  Things like latch hook rug kits.  If you’ve never made a latch hook rug before, it’s pretty easy (after all, I could manage it in elementary school), but it’s extremely tedious.  These days, I would have to be really gung-ho about the design to pick up a hook and start into a project.  This, however, might be the idea that gets me back into rug making after all these years.  Laura from Xoelle made this plush floor covering for her newborn using a stack of recycled t-shirts!  Even with the time investment involved (Laura spent upwards of 60 hours on hers), when you consider the cost of the Flokati designer rugs that were an inspiration for this design (as much as $700 for a room-size rug), it’s well worth the effort!

Recycled T-shirt Rug at Xoelle