My Colortopia – My Image Inspiration

I’ve blogged about My Colortopia before, and have returned to show you the My Image Inspiration portion of the site with a real project! if you haven’t used this tool yet, you need to try it. It’s really cool.

To give you a little introduction,¬†My Colortopia is a new community by Glidden that helps you select colors with confidence. If you are overwhelmed by interior design decisions, head there immediately to get guidance, advice and inspiration. My Colortopia helps you select your paint colors and tools as well as get your painting questions answered.The fancy color tool called “My Image Inspiration” is what helps you select the paint colors. This is especially great if you have a paint color in mind, but you have no idea what to pair with it.

If you remember, you can use your own image to choose color palettes. Which is crucial to those of us who are not the best at choosing color palettes.

I uploaded an image of the ombre lamp that editor Jess made, because I wanted to see what the color picker would put with the orange. So I choose a section of the photo and pressed the button.

You’ll click on one of the colors in the middle, and it will give you a palette on the right. The cool thing is that the resulting color palettes might not look anything like the original project – but they coordinate with a color from the original project. I love that! You ¬†just need a color you like to use the palette generator, and then your imagination can take you from there. Visit the My Image Inspiration tool today.

I hope this helps you make more informed and personalized color decisions for your home. Once you get your home colors appropriate, then you can coordinate your DIY decor project colors as well. Enjoy!

Disclosure: I have been sponsored by Glidden brand paint to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.