Chalkboard A/C Unit Cover

Do you have an A/C unit sticking out of the wall that only gets used for part of the year? And when it’s not in use, it seems like a big eyesore? I’ve got a great idea for you! This chalkboard A/C cover turns that eyesore into a usable surface, and makes a nice addition to any beach house/condo/family living room decor.

Some of the basic supplies & tools you will need for this project:

• Wood
• Screws and screwdriver
• Cordless Drill with a counter sink bit
• Chalkboard paint
• Chalk

Step 1: Measure

My A/C unit has a frame molding around it – this frame will be how the box / cover will be attached to the wall. I used wood that was 3/4″ thick. I measured the top and bottom and added 3/4″ x 2 = 1 1/2″ to the measurement – this will make the side pieces fit perfectly.

Step 2: Making the Frame

• Drill 3 holes on the ends of the TOP and BOTTOM pieces with a countersink bit (this will hide the screw head)
• Layout TOP, sides & BOTTOM piece and fasten with some wood screws and a screwdriver.
• I made triangle braces to reinforce the interior of my frame, but you can do this with “L” brackets.

Step 3: Assembly

• Cut Plywood to fit TOP of the assembled frame.
• Mark each corner and sides with a pencil (see red dots in photo)
• Pre-drill with a countersink bit
• Fasten top with wood screws using a screwdriver.

Step 4: Prep the A/C unit for Assembly

• First cover the A/C unit with a thick trash bag and secure with duct tape.
TIP: I wrapped the cord around the front & attached a cup hook into the top “frame” to hold the plug.

Attached the cover to the frame to make sure it all fits.

Step 5: Painting

• Take the cover off and paint the cover with chalkboard paint. Let dry according to manufacturer’s instruction.
• Place Insulation inside the cover, this will protect from a unwanted draft during the winter months.
• Using a drill with the countersink bit , drill two holes on each “SIDE” closest to the wall.
• Place the cover onto the frame and fasten with a screw using a screwdriver (see photo).

Step 6: Ready to decorate

• The TOP of the cover makes for a great shelf!
Place family board games on top or decorate with vases and books?

Project completed!!!

Use this chalkboard to keep score of favorite family games! That was fun, simple and smart. No more drafty air conditioner in the Way!