Printmaker’s Media Console Insipired by Restoration Hardware

I’ll admit that I’m not much of a woodworker.  (If you knew my father, you would realize that this confession could bring shame on my family name.  Dad taught me how to use use the tools…  I just rarely do.)  Sometimes I wish I was more handy with power tools, especially when I see fabulous furniture plans like this.  Inspired by a similar piece from Restoration Hardware, it is a media console that looks like an old printmaker’s cabinet but is actually cleverly designed to hold your DVD player and other electronic components while also providing storage space.  Cher-Ann at The Design Confidential estimates that supplies for this project will run about $75 to $100, about the same as you would pay for a decent-looking TV stand from a box store (and one that almost certainly isn’t made from real wood)!

Printmaker’s Media Console plans by The Design Confidential