Rainbow Mirrored Backsplash Apr08


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Rainbow Mirrored Backsplash

When it came time to install a kitchen backsplash, Tova from Finding My Muchness knew she wanted something different.  Something that fit her personality.  Something with lots of sparkle and wow-factor.  Something… but she wasn’t quite sure what.  It took a year and a half of contemplation and work, but she finally came up with the perfect solution!  Inspired by mirror tile coasters that she scored for a buck apiece, she set out on a hunt for companion tiles to place in the spaces between the octagonally-shaped mirrors.  She finally settled on clear glass tiles with a beveled edge; the pops of color behind them come from cut-up bits of paint chips!  The effect is finished off with mirrored outlet covers, which seamlessly fit into the look.  Are you swooning?  ‘Cause I know I sure am!

Rainbow Mirrored Backsplash by Finding My Muchness