Nrelate Related Content Widget

We interrupt regularly scheduled programming to share one of our favorite bloggy tools with you – the nrelate related content widget. You might be wondering what “related content” means exactly, but if you are a blog reader than you have certainly clicked on it at one time or another.

Here it is in action:

I know that it kind of sounded fancier than it really is – because what the related content widget does it show you other articles in the blog that you might like. I like this as a blogger, because it gives my readers more content to check out. I like it as a reader, because it gives me – more content to check out. I’m always looking for great DIY projects, whether I’m writing a blog OR reading one. This widget is great for that. To sum it up, if I like what I see, I can see more of it.

Another important thing to note: if you are a blogger, this widget WILL increase your page views. A-ha. Now you are listening.

Other things I like about the widget besides sharing related content and more page views:

  • Available on Blogger or WordPress – easy to install on both.
  • Totally┬ácustomizable. You can get the look and the font size that you want.
  • GREAT customer service. These guys are hard workers, and they will work hard to help you if something goes wrong.
  • You can set it to run content between multiple blogs – so if you are one of those crazies like me who has more than one blog, you can set them to feature each other.
  • Ads are available for a little extra cash if you so choose.

Are you sold yet? If not, give it a try, because you will be when you use it! Download it for WordPress or Blogger and see for yourself.

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