Tie Dye Pillow

Tie Dye Pillow
Hi! I’m Carolina from Always Expect Moore, and I’m super-excited to be posting here today! I love all kinds of crafting, and especially sewing! You’ll find all kinds of crafty tutorials on my site.

Today I’m sharing an awesome tie dye pillow tutorial with you! Tie dye is back in style, and so much easier than it used to be! This is not the tie dye you remember from summer camp, with giant vats of dye, and multiple complicated steps. Tulip Tie Dye comes in easy to use kits where you just add water. And the dye is made in squeeze bottles that eliminate most of the drippy mess!

I was inspired by this pillow from L-Attitude.

Tie Dye Pillow from LattitudeSupplies:

  • Tulip Tie Dye Kit
  • Extra Rubber Bands
  • 1 yard Premium Muslin
  • Pillow Form

To create your own tie dye pillow, at a fraction of the price, start by washing your premium muslin. This will take out any sizing in the fabric. You want to use a premium muslin, not a plain muslin, because it will have a tighter weave, and give you a better result. No need to dry your fabric, just wash it.

I took the damp fabric out of the washer and laid it flat. I folded mine where the original fold was when it came off the bolt, so that I had a double layer of fabric. Then I marked where I wanted my circles. For this pillow, I chose to make them 5 inches apart, so I made a light mark with a pencil every 5 inches.

After I had my whole yard of fabric marked, I pinched each mark, making sure to pinch through both layers of fabric, and then wrapped a rubber band about 2 inches down. I wrapped the rubber band as tight as I could.

I kept going, rubber banding each place I had a mark. Then re-wet the fabric because it had dried a lot during the process. (For a darker finish, don’t re-wet) My wet, rubber-banded fabric was then placed in a garbage bag to dye. I chose an aqua dye.

Following the instructions on the Tulip Tie Dye, I just added water to the bottle, and shook. To dye, I squirted about half of the ink on the fabric, then flipped it over, and squirted the other half on the bottom. After I had a good saturation of the dye, I tied everything tight in the bag and left it alone for 8 hours.

After my 8 hours was up, it was time to un-wrap the trash bag, and cut all the rubber bands. Following the instructions, I put the fabric in the wash with HOT water, and a small amount of detergent. Here it is before being washed, the colors are SUPER dark.

This time after washing, I dried the fabric in the dryer. After ironing it flat, I had awesome tie dye circle fabric!

Based on the size of my pillowform, I cut a square out of my fabric. This square is 18.5″ x 18.5″, and I was careful to center my circle pattern. I used the rest of the fabric to cut two 18.5″ x 12″ rectangles for the back. I hemmed one of the long sides of each rectangle.

I layered the three pieces, with the hemmed edges overlapping in the middle, pinned all the way around, and then stitched all the way around the square.

Then, flipped the pillowcase right side out, inserted the pillow form, and was all done!

Tie Dye Pillow
This pillow was easy to make, and the variations are innumerable! To make the pillow more like the inspiration, I could have used an indigo dye rather than an aqua, and made circles that were 2″ apart. I can also make companion pillows in fun colors (which I already have)! What are your pillow plans?

For more tie dye ideas, check out Tulip Tie Dye on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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