DIY Neon Award Ribbon Frame

DIY Neon Ribbon Frame

Have you tried to incorporate neon into your home decor? It’s not necessarily easy – neon is bright, and not everyone likes bright. I created a frame that will give you a taste of neon in your home without being overwhelming.

Gather These Supplies

  • Unfinished wood frame
  • FolkArt Acrylic Paint – Wicker White, Neon Pink
  • Astrobrights Paper in multiple colors
  • Mod Podge Satin
  • Jenni Bowlin Blue Ribbon Squeeze Punch
  • Paintbrush

First of all, I love how Astrobrights put this lovely little sheet with a heart into their packaging. I already liked them before I even used their paper!

These wood frames are awesome – they are only $1. Hardly a large investment.

Begin by painting the entire frame white, front and back.

Get an awesome touch of neon by painting the edge Neon Pink. Boo-yah.

Use the punch to create a small stack of award ribbons using multiple colors. I punched more than I needed so that I had a lot to choose from.

Use the piles of award ribbons to create a small layout on top of your frame. It doesn’t have to be exact, you just want to get an idea of what you are going to do. Take a picture so that you remember where the ribbons are, just in case something happens like you end up sweeping them all off (it happened to me later in the project).

Start in the center bottom of the frame and remove the award ribbon. Paint on some Mod Podge and then place the ribbon bottoms down – place the award ribbon center on top. Paint Mod Podge over the top. Don’t do too many strokes or the paper will bleed. Let the ribbon dry.

Work around the frame, Mod Podging down the ribbons and tops. You can measure if you want to – I just eyeballed. I’m not one of those measuring type people. Which sometimes bites me in the butt. But this time, turned out okay.

DIY Neon Ribbon Frame

Once all of the award ribbons are Mod Podged down, put a few coats of Mod Podge over the entire project and let dry. Put a picture of your pet or child inside the frame. Now you have some neon home decor without it taking over!

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper. All opinions are 100% mine.