How to Revamp Bar Stools

I’m Janel and I blog at NellieBellie. I wanted to chat about my barstools today. My sad, tired barstools. I have four of these black and brown swivel barstools. They have lived a good life. I was envisioning something a bit more industrial and chic. But, my budget didn’t have room for brand new barstools. So, I altered these to fit my “look.”

Let me give you a quick tutorial on how to achieve this. It really isn’t hard. Really, if I can do it . . . you can too!

1. Take the seat off your bottom. Be sure to leave the swivel part attached to the stool.

2. Paint the bottom with aluminum paint. This is what I used . . .

So that you get this . . .

3. Use your stool to mark the circle size you need your wood to be. Make it just a bit larger then the actual circumference of your barstool.
Note: I used pressed wood because it was free. If you are buying wood I would get something a bit better quality.

4. Use a jig saw to cut out your circles. Or have a handy person you know do it for you! So that you get something like this. . . Don’t worry about the edges being a bit rough if you are going to cover it with fabric.

5. Cover the wood in batting and your chosen fabric. Staple it down. Use lots of staples! (You can see that I marked the screw holes ahead of time)

6. Attach your “new” seat to your “new” base. Always be sure to use the right screws for the job to be sure it is sturdy!

Now my barstools match the look that I was going for . . . without the cost!

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