Vintage Knitting Needle Starburst Clock

A few months ago, a family friend handed my mom a small paper bag full of knitting needles.  It turns out that for years she had been hanging onto my great-grandmother’s knitting needles and was now able to give them back to our family.  Unfortunately not only does no one in our family knit, but the needles were in pretty bad shape, which makes sense considering their age.  The larger sized needles all had a slight curve to them, which might not make for good knitting, but made me think I could come up with another use for them!

When I am crafting I quickly lose track of time, so I when I began finding ways to decorate my new work space I knew I needed to create a clock for the wall.  My great-grandma’s needles and a little MCM flair produced a one-of-a-kind piece perfect for a craft space!

To make a Knitting Needle Starburst Clock, you will need:

knitting needles

an embroidery hoop

a cheap Goodwill clock or clock mechanism

small round cookie tin




wire cutters

glue gun

hot glue

I began by drilling holes in my embroidery hoop at the same intervals as the hours on a clock.  Then I inserted the knitting needles in the holes in a pattern all the way around.

Once the needles were in place and were all curving in the same direction, I hot glued them in place.

Next, I broke apart my Goodwill clock to remove the clock mechanism.  Destructive, I know.

I used my wire cutters to cut the needles inside the embroidery hoop to make sure the battery pack fit between them.

I took the lid from a tin from Goodwill, painted it white, and drilled a hole in the center of it so that the clock mechanism would fit through it.

I flipped the tin over, added the needle starburst and the battery pack, and glued everything in place.

I used hot glue because everything in this clock is very light. If you want to make sure your version is extra secure, use E-6000 and let it cure for 24 hours.

Flip your clock over to make sure everything attached in the right spot and that the clock mechanism is working properly.

I hammered two nails into the wall and hung the clock right on them.  I really love the retro look and that I was able to use my great-grandma’s crafting tools in my work room!

I think this clock is sophisticated to use in any room in our house, but for now it has a place of honor keeping me on task in the craft room!