Modern Gardening Tips

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We here at Decor Hacks love being outside and of course, love gardening. All of us have our own gardens and love doing DIY projects to enhance them, like this DIY rain chain project we featured by Heather of Dollar Store Crafts:

Miracle-Gro® recently launched a new site called Gardenieres, which features hand-picked green thumbs led by master gardener, William Moss. They’re real-life gardening enthusiasts with real-world experience when it comes to growing, anything. The Gardenieres will be covering the country, inspiring us all to get out and garden – they’ll be facing unique growing challenges as well as meeting those of us with only slightly green thumbs online to help with issues.

If you are passionate about gardening like we are, you’ll want to check out the site. One video that inspired us was this Container Gardening video by Chris Cerveny, a senior horticultral scientist. Why did we pick container gardening? Because so many of us (especially apartment dwellers) have small spaces these days, and a lot of us live in the city. A modern garden consists of containers of different sizes and different types of plants. A lot of city dwellers are creating amazing rooftop gardens, not only that grow beautiful flowers but also grow delicious veggies! It’s fun to garden and feed your household at the same time. Watch this video for more great tips.

For this project, we’d use Miracle-Gro® potting mix, which feeds plants up to six months with continuous release plant food. We’d also use Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed® as well while watering, so that my plants would grow up to be green and delicious!

So what gardening project have the Gardenieres inspired you to try?

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