Pier 1 Shopping Picks & Fall Trend Spotting

what to buy at pier 1

I popped into Pier 1 Imports the other day, and I found a lot of great stuff for the home, so I thought I’d share what caught my eye. First up, the lamp section – my favorite!

blue blown glass lamp

I am a huge lamp freak. I would rather collect interesting lamps than handbags or shoes! I love this blue blown glass looking lamp. I would love to have it in my home. Price is about $75, so it’s a pretty good deal for a ton of style.

tortoiseshell lamp

I dig this tortoise shell lamp, and check out the inside of the lampshade – it’s gilded! I like the hidden glam factor of the gold inside the shade. I bet it looks awesome when it’s lit up!

glam lamp

This shabby glam lamp reminds me of my friend Jen from Tatertots and Jello – the fabric flowers on the lampshade look pretty and give a handmade air to the lamp. On the bottom, bam! there’s some glam. Although this lamp itself is gorgeous and ready to go home, you could DIY this to a thrifted lamp for $20-ish. Buy some silver spraypaint and silver leaf for the bottom, and make some muslin roses for the shade.

pinapple lamp

I’m not in love-love with this lamp, but I am definitely in like with the pineapple motif. I like the shape of the lampshade too.

And before we leave the lamp section:

glass lamp finials

Don’t forget to check out these striking glass lamp finials. Some look like blown glass, some like crystals. My favorite is the mint green finial that looks like an overturned lab bottle.

Next we’ll visit the Peacock Trend:

peacock blue vases

I noticed a lot of peacock-inspired goodies, including the use of a glam metallic peacock blue, as in these vases.

faux peacock

Here’s a literal peacock in the form of a faux clip-on bird. I’m not sure how I would incorporate this into my decor, though. Love those jeweled candle snuffers to the left, though! (Is “candle snuffer” a technical term?)

peacock boxes

I’m digging these Asian brocade-inspired hexagonal boxes. Two trends in one box? Peacocks + Hexagons = win? I like the turquoise paired with the gold instead of silver – it seems a bit more luxe (and unexpected) to me.

tiffany candle

This flameless LED candle was hard to snap a pic of, but it looks a bit like Tiffany glass, so it caught my eye. It also reminds me of a mosaic glass candle my mom had in the 70s. And as a mom of three little boys, I for one am happy with the flameless candle trend, just for safety’s sake.

Not into the glam peacock look? How about this 70s-inspired trend? The owl is hot!

owl trend in home decor

Owls, owls, are all around. Maybe it’s just a typical fall motif, but I think owls are a hot item, and Pier One seems to agree with me, because they had loads of owl accessories. If you look hard, you can find lots of owls at your local thrift store, but if you don’t feel like hunting, just take your pick from the goodies at regular retail stores.

owl candle holder

This owl candle holder is so 70s it hurts. But hurts so good. Its streamlined shape and single color helps keep it modern.

owl ornaments

I don’t know where the owl ornaments belong — on an Autumn Tree? On your Christmas tree? But what I do know is that I like them. I also like them juxtaposed with these animal print ornaments. Jungle Owl!

outdoor owl decorations

These metal owl sculptures are a great accent for your Autumn porch. I would much rather have an owl on my front door than a wreath… but maybe that’s just me! These would look adorable on your gate, or even on the side of your home.

Now meandering to random parts of the store and a few goodies that I spied:

italian glass vase

I like these Italian glass vases, but I think I will try to DIY one with Martha Stewart Glass Paint before I shell out $40 for one. But still, $40 is a great deal, with no work (and no CraftFails!)

silver italian glass vase

I like the blue and silver version of the lamp too. Hey, it kind of fits in with that peacock thing!

leather ottomans

I really like the sleekness of these leather ottomans, and the selection of colors they come in! Retail: $149.

doorknob hook

These doorknob hook shelves are cute and a pretty good price. Yeah, you could DIY them easily enough, but could you find that antique-looking door handle for less than $17?

So that’s what I found this week at Pier One. Have you seen anything great lately? I’d love to see your picks!

p.s. I wasn’t compensated for this post – I just had fun shopping at Pier One this week!