Simple Modern Glass Vase

Modern painted glass vaseI’ve been working a lot with glass lately and enjoying it. I thought it was difficult at first, but it’s not so bad! And the results are really pretty. I particularly love stripes, so this tutorial by Plaid designer Julie Lewis is right up my alley. She’s managed to make a plain glass vase look very modern with the addition of painted stripes, and I’ve you’ve never tried glass painting before, this is the place to start. Here’s how it was done.

Gather These Supplies
• FolkArt Enamels Glitter, Silver
• FolkArt Enamels Paint, Aqua
• 1 ½” tape
• ¾” foam spouncer
• Craft knife and blades
• Cutting surface
• Ruler or straight edge
• Angular glass vase

Lay tape onto cutting surface. We used a piece of glass but you can also use a craft mat.

Using your ruler and knife, cut tape strips of approximately ¼” width.

Tape stripes to vase equal distance apart, making one stripe on one side intentionally wider (this will be your aqua stripe).

Apply silver glitter to small stripes with a spouncer.

Apply aqua to the one wide stripe. Allow to dry.

Remove tape and scratch off any bleed under with knife. Allow to the paint to air cure according to bottle instructions.

Modern painted glass vaseThis vase was so easy to make that it would make a great housewarming gift if you need one in a jiffy. Simple, modern, pretty!